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Meat Birds, Muscovies and Turkeys

Meat birds are a cornerstone of any sustainable backyard farming venture. Consider raising your own chickens, muscovy ducks or turkeys to fill your freezer with home-grown protein in only a few month’s effort.

Cornish cross, Freedom Rangers and other broiler breeds are all available for special order, but special orders must meet the 25 chick minimum. For less than 25 birds, the following schedule is our expected arrival dates for our store orders. Call us for more information, or to schedule your order.

Cornish Cross

Ready for processing in only eight weeks, Cornish Cross are a favorite among folks who raise meat birds. Large-breasted and tender, Cornish Cross are the number one meat bird raised in America.

Cornish Cross By U.S. Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons

Received straight-run

Cornish Cross and Freedom Rangers



March 25th      100 Cornish Rock Cross

May 6th           50 Cornish Rock Cross

June 5th           50 Cornish Rock Cross

July 24th         25 Cornish Rock Cross



Freedom Rangers

Freedom Rangers are a meat bird hybrid, that pastures well and grows quickly. Though they are a smaller fryer at eight weeks, their slower growth makes them less likely to succumb to mobility issues and flipping. Their ranging nature makes for flavorful, dark meat.

freedom ranger

Freedom Ranger by Freedom Ranger Hatchery

Received straight-run

March 25th      50 Freedom Rangers

May 6th           50 Freedom Rangers

July 24th         50 Freedom Rangers

Broad Breasted Bronze by Lupin via Wikipedia Commons


Broad-Breasted Bronze are your fast-growing bronze variety Thanksgiving Turkey.

Received straight-run

April 13th        15 Bourbon Red Turkeys, 15 Blue Slate Turkeys

April 27th        15 Eastern Wild Turkeys, 15 Midget White Turkeys

May 11th         15 Royal Palm Turkeys, 15 Narragansett Turkeys


Royal Palm Turkey by Kevin Saff, via Wikimedia Commons

Royal Palm Turkey by Kevin Saff, via Wikimedia Commons

May 25th         15 Bourbon Red Turkeys, 15 Blue Slate Turkeys

June 8th           15 Eastern Wild Turkeys, 15 Midget White Turkeys


Muscovy Ducks

Muscovies, (or Musco Ducks) are named for their voracious appetite for mosquitoes. Their insect-hunting ability, and their quiet, quackless demeanor makes them an excellent addition to any backyard flock. Mommy Muscovies can hatch out three clutches of eggs each year, and these ducks are ready for processing in 20 weeks. The meat is similar to Sirloin steak, and is extremely lean, making excellent burger, roasts and more.

White Muscovy

Muscovy ducklings are hatched locally throughout the spring and summer months. Call us for more information!