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Game Birds- Pheasants, Quail, Chukar Partridge, Guineas

2015 Schedule: Pheasants, Quail, Chukar Partridge and Guineas


Guineas By User:Sb616 via Wikimedia Commons



June 12th        50 Assorted Guineas

July 10th         50 Assorted Guineas

August 14th    50 Assorted Guineas







Pheasants originate from Asia, and are sought-after for their lovely plumage and delicious flavor. They reach 4-6 pounds at maturity. Pheasants require space to roam, fly and nest, and do well with immediate access to grain fields, wetlands and forest-like vegetation.

May 20th        35 Ringneck Pheasants

July 17th         35 Ringneck Pheasants






Chukar Partridge By Mdf via Wikimedia Commons

Chukar Partridge


Chukar Partridges are a lovely fauna addition to any rural landscape, and excellent training birds for birding enthusiasts. For the hobbyist farmer, Chukars reach one pound in roughly nine weeks.


May 29th        50 Chukar Partridges

August 1st       50 Chuckar Partridges


Coturnix_Quail2Coturnix Quail

Also known as Japanese Quail, Coturnix quail are a game bird favorite. Coturnix mature and begin mating and laying eggs at around eight weeks of age, and dress out to roughly eight ounces between 8-10 weeks.


Coturnix eggs are hatched in-house throughout the year. Call us for more information!