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2016 Duckling and Gosling Schedule

Duck orders are comprised of 2 males and 8 females of each variety,  Goose varieties are in pairs. Please contact us at 707-839-3265 for special orders of duckling or gosling varieties not listed on this page.



February 16th          10 Blue Swedish, 10 Assorted Runners


February 22th          10 Khaki Campbell, 10 Welsh Harlequin


February 29th          10 Pekin, 10 Cayuga


March 7th        10 White Crested, 10 Mallard



Runner Ducks

Chocolate Runners by Metzer Farms

March 14th      10 Rouen, 10 Assorted Runners


March 28th      10 Welsh Harlequin, 10 White Layer

                                  4 Buff Goslings, 4 Toulouse Goslings


April 11th        10 Blue Swedish, 10 Fawn & White Runner

                                  4 African Goslings, 4 Embden Goslings


African Goose Gosling

African Gosling

April 18th        10 White Crested, 10 Golden 300

April 25th        10 Welsh Harlequin, 10 Pekin



Ducks Duckling

Welsh Harlequin Pair by Metzer Farms


May 9th           10 Rouen, 10 Assorted Runner

                                   4 Roman Tufted Goslings, 4 Pilgrim Goslings

May 16th         10 Blue Swedish, 10 Chocolate Runner


Sebastopol Goose Goslings

Snoozing Sebastapol By Davee via Wikimedia Commons

May 30th         10 Khaki Campbell, 10 Welsh Harlequin

                                   4 Toulouse Goslings, 4 Pilgrim Goslings, 2 Sebastopol Goslings


June 6th           10 Golden 300, 10 Black Swedish


Mallard Hen with ducklings

Mallard Hen with her ducklings By Alan D. Wilson, via Wikimedia Commons

June 20th         10 White Layers, 10 Assorted Runner

June 27th         10 Pekin, 10 Welsh Harlequin


*Indian Runner duckling assortments will come in color varieties of Black, Blue, Chocolate, Fawn and White, and White


Check out Metzer Farm’s Duck Breed Comparison page for more information on temperament, production, fertility and egg size.