A & L Feed and Pet Supply


Looking for beekeeping supplies? A & L Feed has everything you need for a healthy hive. Most of our wood ware is manufactured right here, in Humboldt county.

If you are just starting out, come pick up your hive bodies, frames, smokers and bee suits. We also carry volatile oils, pollen patties and swarm traps.Swarm

Found a swarm? Give us a call! We will make sure one of our local bee keepers makes it out to re-home the little lovelies.


Stop in and speak with our knowledgeable beekeepers for tips on a healthy hive, or for help when you are stumped.


Want to keep bees, but find the idea of apiaries, honey harvest and honeybee health to be a little daunting? Mason bees are amazing pollinators, and require virtually no intervention. Mason Bee


These little beauties hatch in the spring, pollinate throughout the summer, and have cocoons that are dormant throughout the winter…to hatch in the spring and repeat the cycle. Super gentle and fascinating to watch, Mason Bees are the cornerstone for healthy gardens and orchards.Mason Bee





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