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This baby is ready to go home now!

We carry all the food and supplies for your furry, feathered and cold-blooded friends, including crickets, mealworms, heat bulbs and mats, to Hikari and Mazuri Koi Foods. We also specialize in Rabbits; for pet or protein. Our meat rabbits are raised in-house, and our pet rabbits are raised in home settings from our local rabbit fanciers. Currently we have Himalayan, Mini Lop, Californian, Nigerian Dwarf, New Zealand and Lionhead rabbits.

Baby Bunnies in March 2014







To keep your bunny babies happy and healthy, we have a large selection of premium small pet supplies. From gourmet pet foods, to supplements, to toys, and treats, your bunny will be hopping with joy!


Baby cockatiel helping out at the counter

For feathered friends we have a full line of treats, toys, nest boxes and Volkman, Purina and Kaytee brand foods. Our locally-raised cockatiels are as sweet as can be!